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Default Re: University of Western Ontario - Questions

Richard G. Ivey was a lawyer, businessman and philanthropist

His name is on the Business School at The University of Western Ontario. In 1948 he became the first Chairman of the Advisory Committee at what was then Western Business School. This Advisory Committee was critical in helping the School establish itself as a separate faculty and as the first national school of business in Canada.

He also led the fund drive that made possible the building on campus. His interests extended well beyond the bricks and mortar however, and he financed the first Canadian MBA program, the first Management Training Course as well as the first PHD program in Business. He also donated to the School's Research Fund as well as to the continuing Plan for Excellence which placed Western's Business School in a leadership position in Canada.

Both his son, Richard M. Ivey (HBA '47 and later Chancellor of the University), and his grandchildren, Richard W. (HBA '72) and Rosamond (HBA '82) are graduates of the School.

In 1954, the University granted him an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in recognition of his contributions.

Mr. Ivey remained Chairman of the Advisory Committee until he was elected Chancellor of the University in 1955, a position he held until 1961.

He passed away in 1974.
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