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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
Ned is my fav character from the get go, but after he told Jaime he ordered the capture of the Imp I got more respect for him.

How many pansies would have been like "I have no clue" but he was looking out for his wife, and he had no idea until like 2 hrs before Jaime confronted him.

Too bad his guards got killed, I really liked the one who got his eye ball stabbed, that is a true G

I love this show!!!!

And how does everyone keep thinking his daughter is a boy? She looks like a girl, except she is always dirty and such. I don't really like his wife too much, but I guess I'm looking at if from a 21st century eye.

Ned is dumb to me. His honor is what screwed him, his family, and basically war between the kingdoms. He single-handedly could've prevented all of that if he were smarter than overly honorable. its all i was thinking about watching everything unfold...
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