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Default Kevin Durant makes up for bad Game 6, shines in Game 7 as Thunder eliminate Grizzlies

Kevin Durant did exactly what he needed to in trying to bounce back from a terrible Game 6. He was aggressive early. He was aggressive often. He didn’t settle. He didn’t let defenders push him off his spots. He attacked the rim. He tried to get to the foul line. He took however many shots he needed to with no regard for his shooting percentage. It led to a magnificent and much-needed 39-point effort in a Game 7. Oklahoman

Here’s what Durant said about bouncing back. “That was not me at all during Game 6,” Durant said. “I felt thoroughly upset that I had let my teammates down. I was not only shooting poorly but I did not come into the game aggressive. So before this game, I made sure that I started off the game aggressive, whether I made my shots or not.” Oklahoman
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