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Default Re: Kevin Durant makes up for bad Game 6, shines in Game 7 as Thunder eliminate Grizzlies

The reason Nick Collison got the early call was because Serge Ibaka, for some reason, was not closing out on Randolph’s shots. After six games, you’d think Ibaka would know better. Z-Bo scored four points on jumpers in a two-minute span in the first five minutes of the first quarter, all because Serge wouldn’t close out and contest. Z-Bo put another baseline jumper in at the eight minute mark of the third quarter when Ibaka didn’t run out fast enough. There is no doubt in my mind that if Brooks didn’t get Ibaka out of there in that first quarter the Thunder would have lost this game. Instead, Brooks stuck with Collison for not only the final 5:53 of the first quarter but all but 11 seconds of the second quarter as well. Very unusual substitution pattern by Brooks, but one that saved this win. Oklahoman

"It's a make-miss league," said Shane Battier, who had a miss-game, going 2-for-6 from the field and missed all 3 of his 3-point shots. "When you make shots -- and he (Durant) was making shots -- you have everything figured out. When you don't, the world is falling around you. He is a helluva player, and he hit tough shots." "You can live with his shots in their halfcourt sets, because he takes those tough shots and he makes them. But you try to limit his shots in transition and his free throws, and we didn't do a very good job of that. He got going that way in this game." Memphis Commercial Appeal
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