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Default Re: Rumour: Colangelo about to get a new deal.

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
I'm guessing 3 year deal, 2 year option.

I can't imagine any GM who's looking to rebuild a program would accept a 2 year deal.

He gets one year, then becomes a lame duck again. Makes no sense.

Neither did the whole process. Leave the guy hanging while not actually bothering to search for/interview alternatives.

Effin MLSE.

I'm just being optimistic here since I've been on the "fire BC and Triano" team for a while now but MAYBE with him finally eating a bit of humble pie and seeing the light on Bargnani being expendable things could work out. I do like the type of team he's begun to rebuild, going more towards tough atheletic players than soft jump shooters with no hops and if nothing else he can make transactions happen, so if he starts to aim for the right kinds of players I'm pretty sure he can get them. As for Triano, next year's a write-off and the young guys are developing okay so whatever.
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