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Default Re: What if Wilt played for the Celtics?

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
You gotta give Wilt credit for giving Russell props, but honestly there's no question the Celtics would've won more rings with Wilt instead of Russell. Take Pierce and LeBron for example. You can make the same argument that with LeBron on Celtics it may take away the team chemistry, but because LeBron is a far better player than Pierce the talent level will outweigh the team chemistry thus making them the better overall team (not to mention LeBron's superior defense which would make the Celtics even BETTER defensive team).

Is Russell still in the league in this scenario? Is Russell playing on Chamberlain's teams? You are aware that Russell won 11 out of 13 rings? Or to put it another way. Russell won 85% of all possible rings during his career. With Wilt they would have won 12 or 13?
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