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Default Re: Kings beat Pacers, 110-93

Thanks for making the thread man.

You know who really impressed me? Ronnie Price. That guy never gives up. He got blocked by Jermaine O'neal and he put it back up, he always tries to get out on the fast break, he plays really good defense, and he has a lot of potential IMO. His mid range J seems pretty good and he's a good slasher. I really like this guy for the PG of the future for us(people might think I'm crazy) because he compliments Kevin pretty well IMO. Kevin doesn't really play defense well, but he's starting to learn how to create for other guys with some pretty nice passes. Ronnie doesn't really create for other guys yet but he plays good D which can help make up for Kevin's lack of defense and he's pretty good at driving and shooting from mid range. They both love to push the ball up the floor.

Kevin played well in the 2nd half. He did a good job of getting to the line and he got fouled a lot when Indy tried to stop his fast break lay ups. He sucked in most of the first half but he didn't give up which was nice considering if he doesn't shoot well he usually just kinda stops playing(confidence issue I guess). Loved his dunk on Jermaine although Jermaine stopped him like 2 or 3 times. I really loved the way he stayed aggressive. I wish he would play like that more often.

A couple other thoughts:

Man I think either way we are screwed. If Mike keeps playing this well he can opt out and get a nice deal(just look at Peja) while we get nothing for him(although we could sign some other guys on the FA market which might be good). If he starts playing badly again his contract is bad and we won't get a very good deal for him. It's pretty hard for me to picture a scenario where he keeps playing this well and he stays, which is obviously what would probably be best. But I dunno, we'll see what happens during draft day and the rest of this summer.

I think we should deal Ron. He has been pretty awesome for us but he probably has the most trade value out of our guys considering his contract and overall skills. I could see him fitting in really well on a team like Miami, where we could get like Jason Williams(his contract becomes an expiring after this summer), Dorrel Wright, and maybe their lottery pick(or their pick that's close to the lottery, either way it's good/decent). The team seems to play a little better without him IMO. I dunno, have to see how that works out in the summer too I guess.
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