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Default Re: What if Wilt played for the Celtics?

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
What do you mean by "go all out"? As in letting Wilt be a one-man show or demanding a trade?

As for MVP we all know it usually goes to the player with best records. One of Russell's MVP years he wasn't even in All-NBA first team. That makes no sense.
It makes perfect sense if understand that Valuable doesn't necessarily mean best. So the players voter Russell MVP and the writers voted Wilt 1st team all NBA (I believe this was the case.)

What I meant by going all-out is that Russell teammates valued him tremendously and knew he did everything he could to win, so they in turn, tried to play as hard as they could so they wouldn't be the one who let Russell down. Because they depended so much on Russell covering for them defensively. I saw Tommy Heinsohn say this in an interview.

Found the interview. ESPN SportCentury . Go 5 mins in. Right before "Havilcek steals the ball!" Russell screwed up the inbounds pass. Listen to not only what Heinsohn says, but the admiration and respect in his voice. That's something the stats can never reflect.
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