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Default Re: Rumour: Colangelo about to get a new deal.

Originally Posted by keantona
MLSE are the best employers in the world. There aren't too many companies nice enough to let you fail at your job, making a laughing stock of the organisation in the process, for 5 whole years- and then give you another contract! Wonderfully generous people.

Your definition of failing may be different than MLSE's.

Throughout the years, Colangelo has made MLSE money, whether we've been in or out of the playoffs. Profit = MLSE #1 priority.

Although we haven't cracked a playoff birth for some time now you guys act like BC set this team up for failure. Every single year he's put this team in a position to make the playoffs (the season that just passed was up for debate though). It's not his fault the pieces didn't work out as we all expected. Year after year there's always a lot of promise that comes from the organization and fans. Hell, even when we signed Hedo there was guys from this forum saying "hell yeah, we definately making a run this year!!" And you guys can't even deny that every year on paper, our team looks like they can compete.

I mean sometimes the dice doesn't roll your way but what can you do about it? Atleast BC is making the right moves now to properly build a contender and I think this is when we need him most. Anyone remember the post Bobcock era?? Our team was in shambles and BC turned the damn thing around. Unfortunately, things went downhill a bit too quick but heres to hoping for long term success this time around
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