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Default Re: Rumour: Colangelo about to get a new deal.

Originally Posted by GoRapz
It's not his fault the pieces didn't work out as we all expected.

Yes it is.

Colangelo made all the big decisions. He brought in all but one of the playing staff. The coach and all the assistant coaches, most of the rest of the staff.

He is paid a hell of a lot of money to be responsible for how the Raptors perform. He is responsible for the failure.

And it has been an abject failure. Any success the Raptors have had has been despite him, not because of him. He inherited Bosh, he inherited Calderon when he was hitting his peak, he inherited Mitchell on the cusp of winning coach of the year.

None of the personnel Colangelo has actually brought in has been nearly as good (though we all hope DeRozan and Davis will develop).

He took over a team in a superb position (young all-star, #1 pick, good point guard, second-best rookie of the year as a trading chip, bunches of cap space, the fact that it's the Raptors*). And then; he blew all the cap space on role players and had his best year in his first year. With much less wiggle room, the team slipped back in the second year, but still made the playoffs (thanks again to Bosh, Calderon and Mitchell). In the third year, he kneecapped the team by sacking Mitchell and replacing Triano and they blew what should have been an easy path to the playoffs in a weak East. Stupid moves made the next year just as poor. Then the year after, he put out a team that no one could possibly have thought would make the playoffs- and amazingly, he was actually trying to make the playoffs, only shifting to a rebuilding strategy midseason. Now, 1 hour from the 2011 draft lottery, the Raptors are in a far inferior position from where they were five years ago. Can anyone say that they so enjoyed the last five years of Raptors ball that they don't mind being here now? I expect pretty much all of us were disappointed with every Colangelo season except the first.

I haven't even got into the 'is aiming for the edge of the playoffs every year a good strategy?' debate.

*The Raptors have a huge potential, and Colangelo realised this when he came here. It sounds weird, but look at the ISH forums. We have what, the second or third biggest? With a history of chronically shit teams and hardly anything to root for? Toronto is the fifth largest city in North America, and if the only Canadian team is managed correctly it can call on almost a whole country for support. (To take another weird example, no team except possibly whichever one Yao Ming is on so boosts a player's all-star vote potential.) Even when the potential this franchise has has not been maximised- and it hasn't begun to be tapped- the team has an army of loyal fans. Although they have slipped down the attendance table for the last four years, it's pretty amazing that so many fans still show up and support the team. They aren't still doing that for the garbage Colangelo puts out.

A franchise like the Raptors shouldn't be sticking with a failed GM because they haven't got enough energy/imagination/balls/whatever to get rid of him and try someone else.
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