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Default Re: Do your NBA mock top 5 here.

1. Kyrie - lots of hype to pass, although I am not sure if he will live up to it.

2. Kanter - Min has future PG and PF in Rubio and Love. They can use a big to get some inside scoring. However, if Kanter starts, Love might only average 10 RPG at best.

3. Utah might trade this. Williams is the best prospect but Utah has too many solid bigs in Favors, Al, and Paul. If they must, I like Knight who is super young and can take over once Harris starts to decline.

4. If Williams is still here, then it is a no brainer.

5. Do people still care at this point? Weak draft class and everything is a mystery from here on. I have a feeling that they will draft another Int. player. Maybe Vesely?

If it is like this. I can see Utah and Toronto doing a trade. Utah gets Knight with a lower price tag and Raptors would love to have Williams to replace Barg, who I think the raps might be sick of.
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