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Default Re: Rumour: Colangelo about to get a new deal.

I don't actually buy into the conspiracy theories that the raptors are keeping BC because he is making them money.

The attendance has been dropping since he arrived, and obviously they would make a lot more $$$ if they made the playoffs.

This team was really raking it in the carter years.

The reason he was resigned is because the guy that makes the main decision (tannenbaum) really believes in BC (rightly or wrongly).

I think that is the storey with the short contract. A compromise between those on the board (of governors, not this board) that wanted to keep him and those that wanted to can him.

And when you look at the reality of the situation. If a new ownership group comes in they can still decide to can BC next off-season without issue - it will only cost 1 year of salary.

So let's just hope BC doesn't try to make the 8th seed this year by mortgaging the future. I will be pissed if he trades this pick.
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