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Default Re: You gotta be bleepin me!

Originally Posted by KelticForce1349
I really have no idea what is going to happen in this series, I just know what I want to happen. I worry about everything from the refs just sending Wade and James to the freethrow line every possession, to worrying about "our guys" being forced to shoot jumpers and missing everything.

I worry about CJ's ability to handle the ball and run the offense while Derrick is supposed to be getting a breather. I worry that Bogans will have less points than his jersey number! I worry...I worry. I wont start biting my nails though, I am freaking adult, not a child.

I believe in this team more than ever though; an MVP that is both wildly driven to succeed and still as cool as a cucumber under pressure. That is a terrific quality for a point guard to possess. I like having home-court advantage for sure.

I luv having a team that is doggedly-determined to play defense and is greedy for every rebound to be had. That shit gets me and my friends yelling and jumping off the couch. (it also get's on my neighbors nerves and makes him drag his ass over here to complain like a *****. I just call the city and report him for watering his lawn in the blazing hot afternoon during water shortages. Yeah...that was me a$$hole.)

I really, really, really, like having a tireless, unselfish, ferocious "bench-mob" that includes a rugged, bad-azz known as The TAJinater! Woooo! Seriously, the only thing cooler than that is Chicago in January. Taj Gibson deserves his own religion. All that and we have Brewer, Thomas, and Asik too? Whoa.

Joakim Noah. The hAlfrican-Viking. That dude is so bad-azzed he can make his great ancestors proud on both sides of the world. Hopefully the God of Justice, Thor, will smite any corrupt refs and show the world the original meaning of Hammer-time.

I hope for consistency on the offensive but I think the current Bulls squad is very versatile too. Sometimes I think even the hardcore Bulls fans forget that "we" have several guys that are capable of exploding on offense on any given night. Korver can get 25 plus, Noah can get 20, Watson could put up 20 plus, Bogans can get 12 (lol) Boozer or Deng can get near or over 30. I want consistency, but I think we have multiple guys that can step up and stun the Heat to win four games.

This is a deep and talented team without any doubt; all that and "we" have a squad is being led a by a brilliant, tough, tireless coach that is known for pulling all-nighters watching tape and preparing his troops.

I am sure it was a ton of fun to be one of the 35 or so Miami Heat fans on the planet last summer and watch your team win the free-agency. Yeah, good tims to be had fo sho, and to think those 35 people will never have to feel lonely again too. How nice! Still, I wouldn't trade anything though to have made it through all the rotten years to be here and now with this Bulls team.

It is good to be a Bulls fan.

Approved. Good post.
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