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Default Re: James Worthy vs Dominique Wilkins

For me I gotta roll with Nique. I feel Worthy could have been a number one option on a team that needed it. However I'm not sure Worthy was on the level of scoring studs at the SF like Nique, Bird, Doc, English, BK, Dantley, or Aguirre. Talent wise Big Game had the tools to be like those guys scoring wise. But did he have the MENTALITY those guys had night in and night out. I think James would stepped up cause he had those moments as a Laker at times. But I don't think he could do it on the level of a Nique, BK, or Bird. Rebounding and longevity wise I will also give the edge to Nique. Defensive wise and passing I will give the edge to James. Neither was the point forward capability type of SF like Bird, Barry, Havlicek, or Pip. Baylor, Dr. J, and Nique are simply the KINGS of the high scoring number one option, ultra athletic SF. Worthy along with many others have similar skills but not as dominant as those three.
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