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Default Re: David Kahn hints that lottery is rigged

Originally Posted by BankShot
Like I said... i'm no more than an internet-fan with limited resources on the enigma that is Kanter.

With that said, he's big, he's not un-athletic, and he's definitely skilled for his size.
Agreed, I'm the same. On one hand he's the myth that Calipari recruitment and Kentucky whining built, on the other he's Andrew Bogut 2.0, which is pretty damn good. I just honestly don't know anything about him. Yeah there's scouting reports and all that and they help, but I've literally never seen the guy outside of YouTube, and I'd wager a good number of actual NBA scouts haven't yet either. Scouts and GMs have their work REALLY cut out for them this year. Draft boards are going to vary more than ever.
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