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Default Re: We end up with the #2 pick

I think we go one of 2 ways.
1. Draft Williams anyway as he looks like he will be a beast and we need all the help we can get. We can run a 3 man SF/PF rotation of Beasley/Love/Williams that would destroy everyone.
2. Trade the pick to either Toronto for pick 5 and Ed Davis and we take Knight with the 5th pick. Trade the pick to the Wizards for the 6th pick and McGee and once again take Knight or Walker.
I know everyone would love a veteran defensive minded C but how many of those are there out there that are still relatively young? Both McGee and Davis are exceptional shot blockers and could really help our frontcourt whilst we still get a PG. We then still have players that would need to be moved at the PG and C positions (Ridnour or Flynn and Darko or Pekovic) pair those players plus the rights to Rubio with the 20th pick and move up again or get another solid veteran.

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