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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

I mean, all of Westbrook's are driving to the basket.

Most of KD's were on drives with the exception of the 1 on Terry and a similar one on action trying to break to the ball. I thought that foul Dirk put on him on the break was flagrant as well

Dirk was getting to the line on back down action.

I mean, dude shot 24 fts and is going to the locker room with not 1 bump or bruise on him. I don't think he even touched the floor the whole game.

He took 3 shots in the paint.

The 3rd was especially atrocious, he took 13 in that quarter as a result of being in the penalty.

That said, Russ still played a shitty game and I'm back on the trade Russ bandwagon.
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