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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

Originally Posted by 50inchvertical
I mean, all of Westbrook's are driving to the basket.

Most of KD's were on drives with the exception of the 1 on Terry and a similar one on action trying to break to the ball. I thought that foul Dirk put on him on the break was flagrant as well

Dirk was getting to the line on back down action.

I mean, dude shot 24 fts and is going to the locker room with not 1 bump or bruise on him. I don't think he even touched the floor the whole game.

He took 3 shots in the paint.

The 3rd was especially atrocious, he took 13 in that quarter as a result of being in the penalty.

That said, Russ still played a shitty game and I'm back on the trade Russ bandwagon.

The Thunder couldn't guard him for shit. They tried harder and harder but couldn't without touching Dirk's face, arms, hands, or bumping him etc. when he shot.

I can think of several instances were Dirk faked and the Thunder player just went right past him. Dirk owned the Thunder defense tonight and they had no answer. Simple as that.
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