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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

Originally Posted by PBJ_Time
If that's what you call it. There is a new sheriff in town...the new D-Whistle! That you argue about a guy who got four times as many free throws as he normally does is laughable. There wasn't any BLATANT about it. They were soft, weak fouls meant for an old team who can't hang with the young bucks in any kind of legit manner.

Durant got 3 total bs calls i can think of just off the top of my head.

ROFL....Durant gets so many more calls than Dirk its a joke. One game....and even then Dirk only shot 3 more legit free throws.

Wow.....the Dirk hate here is ****ing hilarious.

He plays one of the best playoff games ever and there is more hate than praise here.
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