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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

Originally Posted by Collie
PF is a historically difficult position to rank all-time. You have statistical monsters like Barkley and Malone, who never won a championship, and especially in the case of Malone, who was known as a guy who shrank under pressure. You have KG who won a championship, but was under the shadow of the consensus GOAT PF Duncan. Heck, we don't even mention Bob Pettit, a 2 time MVP and won a championship during a time when the league also had Russell, Wilt, Oscar, West, Baylor, etc.

Im with you, its tough. I don't understand why a Prime Monster KG was behind the other guys, but then post Prime, with a legit cast he wins a ring, and now hes number 2. He did not get better in his later years, his circumstances changed, but I guess thats just life.

I think KG is the best defender of the big 4 PFs, but Barkley is just an absolute beast. As far as team accomplishments, mixed with individual awards, you have to put Duncan at 1 imo. 2-4 is a big toss up, but I do put KG at 2 because of how atrocious his cast was and the fact that he was such an incredible defender, but still a complete offensive player/very good passer.

However I still maintain if its a "best player list," which is very different than a career team/individual achievement list that all time lists are, I am taking Barkley 1 at PF.
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