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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

Originally Posted by tpols
It's funny because I think you single handedly brought all of this dirk hate to this entire forum by yourself. I never saw this shit before you started propping him up in every single thread a couple months ago.

It's all on you buddy.


People have been hating on Dirk since 2001. Its nothing new. Bring on the hate. I love it.

Just more chances for Dirk to shove games like this right in your ****ing face.

Sorry. People like you just don't realize how good he actually is now and good he's been.

Like I said. Good educate yourself. Take a look at what Dirk did in 02 against Kg. Take a look at what Dirk did in 03. Take a look at what he did against prime Duncan in 06. Take it all in. One of the 25 best to ever play with a chance to move way up.

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