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Default Re: For those who missed the game (RE: Fts)...

Originally Posted by DMAVS41

People have been hating on Dirk since 2001. Its nothing new. Bring on the hate. I love it.

Just more chances for Dirk to shove games like this right in your ****ing face.

Sorry. People like you just don't realize how good he actually is now and good he's been.

Like I said. Good educate yourself. Take a look at what Dirk did in 02 against Kg. Take a look at what Dirk did in 03. Take a look at what he did against prime Duncan in 06. Take it all in. One of the 25 best to ever play with a chance to move way up.

I've always known that dirk was a great player.. his teams have always been up there with the best advancing every year in the playoffs. We didn't need you shoving him down our throats in every other post to know that. All you did was ignite a troll army against the man.

And you know the hate is going to come back at you TEN FOLD when he loses in the finals to Miami again.. except you wont be able to do shit about it then.
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