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Default Re: Why the Lakers window has slammed shut:

Originally Posted by Yao Ming's Foot
Its called a sign and trade. He hypothetically signs because he knows the trade is immediately going down. Technically Lebron resigned with the Cavs. They traded him for a couple 1st rders from the Heat. Are they equal? Nope but two 1st rounders is better than nothing and Pau Gasol is better than what the Cavs could attract in free agency. Sideshow Bob and Lamar Odom are about equal but Odom has the more attractive contract.

Love and Bynum would give the Twolves probably the best young men duo in the league to build upon. They would also get something for Rubio who embarrasses the franchise every year he decides to stay in Spain.

i know what a sign and trade is... i'm saying it's a strange scenario that requires lots of conditionals to happen.

i like the timberwolves part... but the cavs-dwight thing just doesn't ring true for me
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