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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

I really like Irving, but I don't think he grades out in the absolute apex of current NBA PGs. He's not in the Paul/Deron/Rose tier, maybe Rondo in there too, although he's so weird he's hard to place.

The problem is Irving plays a similar game to Paul, so the comparisons are gonna come from there, and in this draft, he does get bumped up some. But based on what's here, I'd have no objections to someone taking him one.

However, because of how this draft fell, with Cleveland landing both 1 and 4, I'd be inclined to pass on Paul up top and take Derrick Williams. There's less similar talent to Williams floating around in this draft. I'm not positive he's a franchise player, mainly because I don't completely trust his handle, but between his body and his jumpshot, he'll play, and be productive for a long time. I'd prefer to roll the dice with Williams, and then, maybe it'd be considered a bit of a reach, but take Brandon Knight at 4.

Basically, niether Irving nor Williams will be there at 4, and I think Knight is closer as a prospect to Irving at PG than anything that'll be available at Williams' SF position.
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