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Default Re: Durant cannot drive against tough nosed defenders

It's not hating. Just something that sticks out like a sore thumb to me when watching an entire game.

Just like when I watch Wade and I know he's about to pull up for a long range shot and I'm thinking "Jesus, he's gonna brick this shot." With Durant it's "Jesus, he couldn't cross over someone if his life depended on it." lol Just something hopefully he works on to make him more multi-dimensional. As LA_Showtime said, he is a star so he does get to the line due to contact, but how often do you see him blow by someone? He isn't's because if you watch him, he really doesn't have world class handles.

You might agree or not, but either way you can rebuff me by saying that he still put up 40 points and did it efficiently. Ya, that doesn't change the fact that he is lacking in an important part of the game that actually HAS hurt him in these playoffs. We've all seen the games this post season where he shoots himself out of a game because he's not as comfortable as he should be driving the ball.

Even in a game where he puts up points at a high percentage, what if it's late in a game and the defense is right up on him and the second defender is cheating over to him? Will he drive and break through a double? Not often. He will settle for a three or pass it off. If he could have the Wade like burst through the hole he'd be unstoppable.
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