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Default Re: Should Cavs Pick Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving?

Originally Posted by KG215
I'm not butthurt. It's just funny how stupid you are when it comes to trying to make rational NBA arguments.

Except Derrick Williams isn't the best player in the draft by a wide margin.

It's awesome when you press forward with your stupid agendas to make a point, no matter how stupid it sounds.

Even if you don't like Kyrie Irving (I don't think he's the savior some are claiming him to be) Derrick Williams still isn't the best player in the draft by a wide margin. He might be the best athlete with the most upside, but he's not the best player by a wide margin.

How isn't he the best player in the class? Explain to me how.

I'd like to hear it.

Kyrie is good, but picking him over Derrick Williams will haunt the Cavs in the future. Quote me on that.
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