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Default Re: Should Cavs Pick Derrick Williams over Kyrie Irving?

Originally Posted by JMT
19 ppg, 8 reb per. 75% FT shooter. 60% FG shooter. 58% 3 PT SHOOTER.

Following a frosh season where he went for 16/7 in 28 minutes per.

Legit 6'8", 240, with great athleticism. Actually played more than 11 college games and isn't coming off a foot injury.

Took a team without a high-level D1 guard to the round of 8. Their backcourt was so bad, the starters have already transferred, knowing they won't beat out the incoming freshmen.

Don't feel bad that you didn't know it. Most of the chuckleheads across the country didn't know his name until the Sweet 16. He was the best player on the court every game he played all season.

I didn't say he wasn't the best player in the draft, I just don't think it's by a wide-margin.

The reason I think Irving should go #1 has nothing to do with me thinking he's a for sure better pro prospect than Derrick Williams. I just think a PG fits better with the Cavs than a PF/SF combo. I don't see Derrick Williams as an NBA SF but he can get by with it. He's got good enough touch from the perimeter to play SF.

It's Beasley claiming that Williams is the best player in this draft by a wide-margin that bothers me. I just don't know if that's true. I think he was the most productive player in college with the highest ceiling but I also like the potential of players like Kanter, Brandon Knight and, yes, Kyrie Irving.

Oh, and I was and am VERY aware of Derrick Williams. I'm one of the few people who posts on ISH that watches and follows college basketball closer than the NBA. I thought Derrick Williams was the best player in the country this year. He deserved much more NPOY consideration. But thank you for educating me on things I was already very aware of.

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