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Default Re: Official Draft Brandon Knight Thread

Originally Posted by Himan12
If there was any draft to drop off, its this one. (But nevertheless it does suck that we dropped)

Actually I will now take a different spin on this.

We dropped to 5th - FANTASTIC.

If Brandon Knight gets past the Kings - we can take him or if he is gone we can take Kemba Walker. Our Point guard of the future. Bang. Bobs your uncle.

The lower result combined with the two year (plus option in case of lockout deal) for BC is nothing less than the shut up and put up proposition. Neither Knight nor Walker added to the core of young guys makes this team 8th seed competative even in the Eastern Confernece.

This means that BC MUST deal current assets to build a core that is competative and entertaining. More work needs to be done.

Given the bean counters in MLSE and rookie deals he is NOT moving JJ, Demar, Davis nor Amir (contract value). Bayliss potentially but Baylis is a cheaper Barbosa so unlikely.

That means BC will have to deal from the talent pool of Weems (?), Barges, Jose, Barbosa, Evans, Kliza and salary cap open space to add what we need -

Chris Kaman? Andre from Portland? Ike in Philly ? Gasol as rfa ?

There are options and choices and this is a good thing.

Even if you hate BC and his moves - you must admit he is capable of making some creative ones. Now time will tell if his next moves are the right ones or not - but time is limited to 3 years. Clearly the goal will be both a repeat playoff apperance and potentially at least a 1 round advancement.

Ill take that for a change.

And if in three years we dont see that kind of result - well all the moaning about it can be muted now because Mr Colangelo you are on the clock.

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