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Default Re: Knicks To Select Dontas Montiejunas

Originally Posted by G-train
Motiejunas is not as good as Anthony Randolph.
Knicks should try to draft a PG, team him with Toney Douglas, trade Billups expirer for size.

Trading Anthony Randolph was almost as big a mistake as trading all those picks for Eddy Curry.

It was D'Antoni's call.

Walsh said when he picked 6th in 2008 it was between Randolph and Gallinari, and when he got to acquire AR he was ecstatic.

But D'Antoni didn't play him because he couldn't shoot 3's.

I hope no other team (except maybe the Heat ) get infected with the D'Antoni cancer when we eventually fire him. The guy is as stubborn as they come, can only coach one way, and can't judge talent for sh!t. He's almost as destructive as Larry Brown..
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