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Default Re: We end up with the #2 pick

I think you have to go with Derrick Williams here. This is a very weak draft, but I feel Williams is an All-Star talent, and the only other player in this draft I can say the same for is Kyrie Irving. Sure, we could try to trade down and pick up one of the many foreign bigs (5 main ones this year!) as a developmental project, but I have a feeling that if Minny passes on Williams here, a few years down the line he'll be a budding star and it'll be similar to how the T-Wolves let Roy slip through their grasp in 200-whatever. I realize there's going to be a logjam, but for a team as bad as the T-Wolves, you have to take talent over need and look for trades later.

I think the Wolves could still find a way to make things work. Johnson can always play the 2, so Williams could sub in for both Beasley and Love and share the minutes. Looking down the line, I see Williams ultimately replacing Beasley as the better hybrid forward, and I see him as a better piece to have on a winning ball club than Beasley.

Maybe I'm just higher on Williams than most, though. If you don't see him as an All-Star then guys like Kanter are suddenly a lot more appealing. We need to get a replacement for Darko in the near future, he's not in the long-term plans and in the short term I think we'd be better off grooming a young big next to Love anyway.
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