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Default Re: plantar fasciitis

I have (had?) plantar fasciitis for about a year now. I think it is all very individual. As many people you will get to answer the question so will be the treatment recommendations and recovery time. I read somewhere that the average remission time of severe PF case is 6 months. One has plantar fasciitis because of his high arch so he needs arch support. The other has plantar fasciitis because he is running too much and he needs cushioning. One has flat feet, one spends 10 hours a day on his feet, the other run too much ... and so on.
The point is that everyone should find his own cure. You should be active with your treatment trying to find the one that will give you comfort. Donít give up as you can see most of the people find relief at the end.
The best thing for me was plantar fasciitis taping. I have found it very useful. I am done with the heel pain and I am still taping my feet while running. Taping will keep your foot from getting injured again and will help you get through your daily routine. I have found this website to give me many good ideas at:
Take care
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