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Default Re: 2011 NBA Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Sterlingsucks
Who do you think goes in those spots?

I have to evaluate better the "needs" of that teams.
But in a simple way it's like:

Toronto - Valanciunas is a versatile interior player, they have some good talents in interior positions (Bargnani, Johnson, Evans and Ed Davis) .. no need to add more.

Sacramento - Evans and Thornton are the future for this team, they will not draft another combo guard scorer to come of the bench.

Utah - If you assume that they will draft Knight, they will not need another PG (yea Jimmer will/can play 2 spot), but they are fine with Harris and Knight).

Philadelphia - Motijuenas can play SF .. sure, but it's not a very very good player to play at that position, he will start to play PF and then adjust to SF with some years .. They are stucked in PF and SF positions with 2 key players (Iguodala and Brand), i think they will draft a C.

Portland - I don't know very well Kenneth Faried, but i think my team should draft a PG without doubts, if there's a scorer PG left .. better. Faried is good and it's a good choice, because of lack in the interior positions (Maybe you're right in this one).

Houston - a PG, why? In my opinion they have huge talent in that position .. Lowry and Dragic. In fact i think they have the best balanced duo in that position in the league.

Oklahoma City - a PG/SG? Again, i don't think they need one, they have a bright future with Westbrook, Maynor, Sefolosha (still have some good years) and Harden. Maybe a scoring SF or C would be better.
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