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Default Re: 2011 NBA Mock Draft

Toronto - Valanciunas is a center unlike the others who are PFs to include Bargs. Valanciunas can sit for a year gain some weight see how the league is and then start in 2012 when Bargs is shipped and Davis and Johnson fight for his minutes. I think Bargs gets traded to Sacramento for C Jason Thompson and SF Donte Greene in the offseason imo

Sacramento - Evans at the 3 and Thornton at the 2 and Kemba at the 1.

Utah - Totally agree but UTAH does not that is the only reason I doubt they pass on him twice.

Philadelphia - Motijuenas would be a good change for EB. EB is getting up there in age and needs a backup that can still score and with EB being servicable it allows Motijunenas to grow and Philly to take their time with developing him.

Portland - Faried is a monster on the boards and will allow them to have their 2nd coming of Millsap on the squad. Along with helping give good minutes to Aldridge who played the most minutes for a PF this year.

Houston - Dragic still has 2 years on his contract but Imo he does not get resigned being that Lowry is the PG there and Selby has the most potential outside of the obvious Top 3 PGs in the draft. Good value pick

Oklahoma City - Agreed shit I thought Maynor had less years on the books he still had 3 yrs on his rookie contract.
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