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Default Re: What the Mavs need to do in Game 3 to win

Originally Posted by thomaspynchon
Beaubois would be the best counter but he's become hesistant to drive this season. I don't think Dallas should change up the lineup though drastically
I agree not yet honestly not sure what to make of the game. I DON'T think OKCs bench can maintain this production. I don't think the Mavs bench will be this crappy. Mavs dominated in the second half in game 1. Mavs dominated in the first quarter in game 2. They didn't make their stops and didn't execute when they had the touches especially mid 4th quarter and STILL had a chance to tie it up at the end of the game. Dirk hits the FTs, they get that stop and then a 3 for OT granted all big ifs but I like their chances in OT with Collison fouled out. So with all that said the Mavs have to feel like they can get it done if they execute.

On the flip can't think Westbrook will continue to play so poorly. I fully expect him to be dominant in game 3 or 4. I said Dallas in 6 to start the series still think that holds true but now it's a lot more head scratching because I think OKC actually has found something guarding the Mavs in the doubling of Dirk. Dallas still hasn't found anything to really limit OKC.
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