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Default Surprising Combine Results

There has been much discussion about height/weight of the top players in this coming draft, but combine results prove that a lot of these were total misconceptions.

It had been said that Kyrie Irving's height and reach were going to be a hinderance and that there was no way that he was his listed height of 6-foot-2. Actually, those people were right.... He is 6-foot-3 1/2 in shoes and 191 pounds. That is roughly the same size as Deron Williams and taller, longer and bigger than Brandon Knight.

The only measurable that Knight has on Irving is wingspan, but Irving has the longer reach.

Name, Height w/o shoes, Height w/ shoes, weight, wingspan, reach, body fat, hand length, hand width

Kyrie Irving 6' 1.75" 6' 3.5" 191 6' 4" 8' 3" 10.2 8.25 9.25

Brandon Knight 6' 1.5" 6' 3.25" 177 6' 6.75" 8' 2.5" 4.2 8.25 9.50

Kemba Walker 5' 11.5" 6' 1" 184 6' 3.5" 7' 7.5" 5.9 8 9

Irving is unquestionably the tallest and biggest elite PG prospect in this draft, surprisingly.

The second surprise is Derrick Williams. A lot of people said that, while he was listed at 6-foot-8 in college, he would prove to be shorter than that.

The results are in and, with shoes, Williams is almost 6-foot-9, 250 pounds. He also has a 7-foot-2 wingspan and a 9-foot reach.

More results... =0&sort=
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