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Default Re: Knicks To Select Dontas Montiejunas

Originally Posted by NewYorkNoPicks
well Mike D'Antfailure isn't that good at developing players... he made Gallinari stand on the 3 point line most of the game and didn't run too many plays for him...he did the same with Fields.

Fields is an excellent ball handler...he needs to have plays ran for him rather than be relegated as a spot up shooter.

It''s also a confidence issue and needing to not defer to Carmelo even when good scoring opportunities present themself for him. Nothing that can't be fixed.
It's not like D'Antoni came in at midseason. Fields place on the team changed. The spacing was different, the ball movement was different. Melo catching the ball and then holding onto it for 12 seconds before he makes a predictable move doesn't exactly make for a balanced offense. He needs to work on his spot up shooting, because that's basically what he's going to be getting.
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