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Default Re: Knicks To Select Dontas Montiejunas

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I just don't think $7m for a 7-foot defensive specialist who can run the floor is a bad contract. You aren't getting that for $3-5m.

I think you are underestimating his value, especially as a Heat fan. He is literally exactly what you need... A bigger more athletic and younger version of Udonis Haslem... And you saw what his return did for your team.

My bullshit detector is going off the charts right now.

First of all, Varejao is owed 25,2 million over the next three seasons which is significantly more than 7 million a year.

Secondly: defensive specialist? Defensive specialist?! Are you fukcing kidding me?

His defense is pretty weak. He's a below average and generally weak rebounder. He can run the floor relatively well because he's light, weak and not actually 7 feet tall.

I think you are mistaking the term "defensive specialist" for "hustle player". A defensive specialist is someone who is not good at offense but elite on defense. A hustle player is someone who can't do anything will but provides decent energy and effort. Which describes Varejao more accurately?

And he is horribly overpaid. To compare: Kwame Brown had a pretty Varejao-esque season this year, and Kwame was earning the minimum. Vaj is doing decent on the boards because the Cavs have no one else.

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