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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
They probably let him walk as a RFA if he gets an offer. Otherwise they try to trade him for any value they can get over what they gave up. Williams is too good and a better defender than Beasley, you have to clear the space for him. Beasley hasn't done well as a 6th man type, which is too bad. He could be their Odom.

I really like their lineup if they get Williams and maybe Marshon Brooks,Klay Thompson or Reggie Jackson at 20.


Try to use Flynn,Belasley,Pekovic and maybe Johnson and Webster to make a trade for a stud SG or strong veteran C.

Wow dude, you have clearly no idea how good Michael Beasley is right now and how good he can become!

He can't play 6th man you say?

Well in his rookie season he did just that. He averaged 14/5 47FG% in just 25MPG. Rookie season too. And that is playing with one of the worst coaches in the league as well as one of the best player in the NBA.

Beasley can't play defense but Derrick Williams can?

Dude seriously your trolling is getting ridiculous right now.

LMAO @ this fail prophet.

Just a little advice Nastradamus.........don't ever disrespect my nigg@ Beasley like that and think you can get away wit it!

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