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Default Re: If Wolves draft Derrick Williams...

Originally Posted by BarberSchool
Everyone who passes on Enes Kanter will regret it. Dude's ceiling is a Dwight Howard/Blake Griffin/Zaza Patchoulia hybrid of the most magnanimous order.

how can you compare the two most athletic 4/5 in the league to a slow footed big man. I think Kanter is going to be good maybe in the Andrew Bogut range at his best BUT D-12 and BG is a hell for the Flynn to Clippers trade WHY would we do that? We have Mo Williams (who i hate his game he does not manage the game like a PG should) AND Eric Bledsoe. I would not mind the #2 pick BUT no need in adding Flynn. Gimmie Ellington instead and we can talk
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