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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

In his last six Game 3's, LeBron James is averaging 34 ppg.

And Dwyane Wade is averaging 31 ppg in his last nine home playoff appearances (Wade has 38-29-34 pts in his last 3 home playoff games, on over 60% shooting -- all wins)

When Wade plays well and shoots 60 TS% it's an automatic win for the Heat in Wade's playoff career

Of particular interest are the three players still playing the 2011 playoffs: Wade, James and Nowitzki. Their teams win significantly more when they shoot well, so much so that LeBron’s teams and Wade’s teams have win% approaching Michael Jordan‘s Bulls teams when MJ shot well.

Think about that for a second.

When Dwyane Wade shoots well, Miami has won at the rate of a 70-win team. When he doesn’t hit the 60% mark, a 34-win team. And he’s hit the mark in nearly half his playoff games, more than anyone on the list outside of Dirk Nowitzki. This further echoes the idea that Wade has been something special in the postseason.

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