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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by Saintsfan1992
Exactly, I dont know how my friends do it, How the hell would you spend
countless hours doing the same shit over and over and over.

COD BO is so shitty

compared to MW2

Its a challenge to see how far you can get because the higher you go up the more zombies there is. And the more difficult it is to kill them. Having a plan or stragedy in place is a must. Also finding a good spot to be able to handle the waves is key. You all can have powerful guns but if you run out of ammo then what? So praying you get ammo in some way can be a challenge.

And last there could be achievements someone is trying to get. One achievement for zombies is buying all the weapons on the wall. That requires money. And that will take time unless your team lets you get most of the kills. Its not a game mode you can play for a short period of time then leave. You can play it for hours. I can see why people dont like zombies, but this is why people love it.

I thought Spec Ops was cool was well. Hopefully MW3 has that.
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