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Default Re: May 22, ECF Game 3 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by Heat007
The Heat are going to break their will in Game 3.

Then the Bulls will have one last gasp of energy for Game final attempt... for the sole reason that Thibs will tell the team how they haven't lost more than 2 in a row all year.

And this will be the time when the Heat will take all their mojo away when they beat them again... beating them 3 times in a row... for the first time this season losing 3 games in a row.... and all 3 strikes to the nuts coming from the bloody hands of the Miami Heatles.

The Bulls are going to go back to Chicago broken with their tails between their legs. And this is when the masses will see and understand that they're an overrated bunch and have needs if they hope to play with the big boys.

If this happens..... Pretty impossible
Doubt Bulls will go out like that
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