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Default Re: official comic book thread

Originally Posted by Black Joker
alright before i head to bed, i'll throw out what can be a good jump on point for spidey that doesn't go back too far, and for that i'd go with with

"Brand New Day" which if you want to or not, you can read OMD beforehand because it sort explains the "new" direction that spidey is going in. OMD starts at 544 and BND starts at 546, from there just read to the current issue. there are some great arcs through these issues and some average ones, but other than OMD and OMIT (one moment in time) they all are at least decent

i'm going to read through some back issues tomorrow to form a better opinion

Thank a lot. Should I read Civil war and then continue with Spider-Man from there (which is just before 544 i believe)?

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