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Default Re: Kyrie Irving body fat more than 10 percent

Originally Posted by Arti
Right, because he didn't put up 28 points in 31 minutes on 9-15 against Arizona in the Sweet 16. GTFO.

In a 16 point blowout that wasn't that close.

Vs Mo Mo Jones who worked him for 16 pts, 6 assists and 0 TO in 28 minutes...while Irving had 3 assists/1 TO.

The same Mo Mo Jones who averaged 2.4 assists/1.9 TO/9.7 ppg on the season, and anchored what many think was the worst big time D1 backcourt left after the first round.

The same Mo Mo Jones who has already transferred out because he won't beat out their incoming freshmen.

It's not all about how well a guy shoots the shots a defense will give you when they're kicking your ass.
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