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Default Re: Kyrie Irving body fat more than 10 percent

Originally Posted by JMT
No, it proves that he had a great game. Players do that all the time. Shawn Bradley had a 29 pt/22 reb/9 block game in his rookie season. So anyone not loving Shawn Bradley is a hater?

I haven't made a single point about the kid that isn't a fact. Don't love or hate him. But as a potential employer...or somebody discussing him on a basketball forum, for chrissakes...there are some red flags that you don't have to be a 'hater' (the universal term for "I can't argue with you rationally, so I'll cal you this") to at l;east consider.
For every red flag, there are multiple good signs. For instance, people that tend to think Irving will not live up to his billing are pointing out his body fat percentage taken at the combine. But, the fact is, you can go over any player's measurables and find something that can be deemed a 'red flag.'

While his body fat percentage is high, all other things measured of Irving at the combine were major positive signs... Like the fact that he will be listed at 6-foot-3+ and 190, which is great size for a PG... Or the fact that he has a longer reach than virtually any other PG prospects that has come through the draft in recent years.

He was looked at, coming into the combine, as a great intangibles guy that probably wouldn't measure up with the tape measurer or the scale... Turns out, he is a physical presence along with being a great shooter, solid slasher, good playmaker and solid collegiate defender.

You can go through and point out the negatives for virtually any NBA prospect in virtually any draft. This kid has some stellar attributes, though... Which is what I'm focusing on.

He is the clear-cut No. 1 pick and I thought so back when I thought he MIGHT measure in at 6-foot tall without shoes. Now, I'm totally on-board... Guy is taller and bigger than Brandon Knight with a far more refined game.
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