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Default Re: Kyrie Irving body fat more than 10 percent

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
For every red flag, there are multiple good signs. For instance, people that tend to think Irving will not live up to his billing are pointing out his body fat percentage taken at the combine. But, the fact is, you can go over any player's measurables and find something that can be deemed a 'red flag.'

While his body fat percentage is high, all other things measured of Irving at the combine were major positive signs... Like the fact that he will be listed at 6-foot-3+ and 190, which is great size for a PG... Or the fact that he has a longer reach than virtually any other PG prospects that has come through the draft in recent years.

He was looked at, coming into the combine, as a great intangibles guy that probably wouldn't measure up with the tape measurer or the scale... Turns out, he is a physical presence along with being a great shooter, solid slasher, good playmaker and solid collegiate defender.

You can go through and point out the negatives for virtually any NBA prospect in virtually any draft. This kid has some stellar attributes, though... Which is what I'm focusing on.

He is the clear-cut No. 1 pick and I thought so back when I thought he MIGHT measure in at 6-foot tall without shoes. Now, I'm totally on-board... Guy is taller and bigger than Brandon Knight with a far more refined game.

Based on 11 games.

Look, I don't hate the kid. He measured well at the combine, which is great since he did nothing else. Not that he had much to gain by doing agility drills, but as a GM, I'd like to see that my #1 franchise guy has been doing his due diligence leading yup to the biggest athletic challenge of his life.

I see:

Extremely limited college experience, half against lousy competition

Toe injury that kept him out of 3/4 of his only season

Two months since cleared to play, yet doesn't appear to be in great shape and reluctant to put his agility on display

Has never had to run the pick & roll vs quality competition.

Has never had to pass first

Has always played on teams loaded with talent

History of highly touted but inexperienced PG in the NBA. More misses than hits. It's a position that demands a lot, well beyond just physical tools.

Now, maybe the positives you see outweight those negatives in your eyes. He passes the eyeball test, I suppose.

To me, it's a lot of risk for a team that can't afford to make a mistake with these picks.
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