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Default Re: Kyrie Irving body fat more than 10 percent

Originally Posted by JMT
Based on 11 games.

There have been No. 1 picks selected on MUCH less experience and with MUCH less tape. In the games that I saw, I thought he looked like a guy that would translate extremely well to the next level.

Originally Posted by JMT
Look, I don't hate the kid. He measured well at the combine, which is great since he did nothing else. Not that he had much to gain by doing agility drills, but as a GM, I'd like to see that my #1 franchise guy has been doing his due diligence leading yup to the biggest athletic challenge of his life.

It is pretty clear to me that the Cavaliers have contacted him and let him know that he is the pick. What was the sense of doing agility drills for other GMs that are never going to have the opportunity to draft you?

Also, other top guys opted out of the drills... Like Derrick Williams.

To me, Williams had much more reason to attempt to impress at the combine than Irving. It is still very unclear where Williams is going to be chosen. He could go anywhere from picks 2-4.

He should be scratching and clawing to get to that No. 2 pick... Unlike Irving, who is set at No. 1.

Originally Posted by JMT
I see:

Extremely limited college experience, half against lousy competition

Toe injury that kept him out of 3/4 of his only season

Two months since cleared to play, yet doesn't appear to be in great shape and reluctant to put his agility on display

Has never had to run the pick & roll vs quality competition.

Has never had to pass first

Has always played on teams loaded with talent

History of highly touted but inexperienced PG in the NBA. More misses than hits.

Now, maybe the positives you see outweight those negatives in your eyes. He passes the eyeball test, I suppose.

To me, it's a lot of risk for a team that can't afford to make a mistake with these picks.

The pick is a risk regardless of who you take. Williams is a tweener who has never played SF in his life, a position that he would have to take on the Cavs with our front-line set (Hickson/Varejao).

At least Irving has played the PG position all of his life. We honestly have no clue how Williams will stand up at the 3. Personally, I think he is best served as a PF in the NBA and sticking him on the perimeter will nullify some of his best traits.

But, it is hearsay at this point. We have no idea.

The same goes for Irving, but less so... At least there is actual footage of him playing the position that he is going to be drafted for. And, let's be real... Those are the Top 2 players in this draft.

So, which guy is a bigger risk? I think the answer is relatively clear.

Look, this isn't a perfect science. There will always be bust potential. I remember people on the old EZBoard saying that they thought LeBron was going to be the biggest bust in NBA history because of his reliance on physical attributes instead of a refined game.

I'm not saying that Irving is the next LeBron James in terms of impact... I absolutely don't expect that. I'm not looking for someone to step in and single-handedly save the franchise. I'm not even sure if I want that...

I just want a guy to solidify the PG spot for the Cavs going forward and a guy who can learn the system from Byron Scott... And lead a team that already has a nice amount of young talent.

He doesn't have to be a superstar for me to be happy... Just a solid NBA point guard... And I think there is sufficient evidence to prove he can be one.
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