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Default Re: May 24, ECF Game 4 Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Originally Posted by Theoo
jumpballtip: man were VERREY LUCKY to win there jumpball tip in game 3 man becuse rose did the turnovers to it the jumpballtip and we win it to get many confidense + momentum win game 3 but spolstra need make thinking to his fk*** brain to make ilgauskas start center he one the best to the game in jumpballtip nba history% and maimi cant win all tehre game with joel anthony start center make not one jumpballtip% win man i faceslap to my head if joel anthony start again to lost there jumpballtip IS SPOLSTRA USE HIS BRAIN THINKING??? you cannot not think it always that lucky rose turnover. joel anthony jumpballtip = 14% chance to win jumpballtip. joel anthony cannot not win to the jumpballtip against noah. ilgauskas jumpballtip = 56% chance to win jumpballtip. noah a very good the the jumpballtip but joel anthony not that good and he not to tall to the jupballtip he cannot not win it but ilgauskas have many tall and he one the best jumpballtip in nba history% SPOLSTRA NEED MAKE IT TO ILGAUSKAS START CENTER!! cannot always win the game with no jumpballtip% with the losing all of them but well see to the game 4 to who win the jumpballtip i think chicago win jumpball tip because spoolstra not use his fk** brain to thinking.

lets get these game on the road!!!

Exactly what I was thinking!
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