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Default Re: May 21 - 9EST - WCF - Game 3 - Dallas @ OKC GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
I spent 03 to 08 defending Kobe endlessly. He was vastly under-rated. He got way too much hate for a few bad moments and series and was easily not only one of the elite players in the league, but one of the best ever.

I go to where I think people over-rate or under-rate players. Now I feel the Kobe talk has shifted into the over-rated category.

I defend Wade and Lebron and Dirk because I feel they are vastly under-rated.

I used to defend KG all the time. Now I find myself "hating" on him at times because he's becoming a little over-rated because of the title.

If people start calling Lebron or Wade top 8 players of all time if they win a title? You'll see me "hate" on them as well.

I don't make threads. I respond to threads or posts that interest me. Right now that is all the stuff that is going on.

Stuff like that. Its not "hating" really....its just trying to fix the flawed perceptions a lot of people have.

Like the game winning stuff with Kobe. A lot of flawed perceptions were out there. Now? Not so much. So I don't talk about it anymore.

Fair enough
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