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Default Re: Guess You All Are Going To Become Knick Fans

Originally Posted by FourthTenor
This is so embarrassing for you to even say, but let's be real.

Lebron with one livingston'd knee > amare and carmelo

I'm not embarassed at all, I don't like the guy, he's made hundreds of millions already...I could care less if his career was sidelined.

I don't like the mind control LMRR or whatever his marketing company is called has over these young impressionable players.

I don't like Maverick Carter, a pan handler with no education posing as an agent.

It seems like LeBron has grown a 2nd testicle recently....that'll pop right back in his lower abdomen soon enough.

He doesn't have the heart of a champion, Melo and Amare do.
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